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Losing weight can be a difficult journey but it’s a journey that the team at Avicenna Health we are committed to helping you through to achieve the results you want.

There are several benefits to losing weight, benefits to health, heart health, brain health, joint health, gut health and more. Even a small amount of loss can lead to feeling good about yourself, your relationships, improving your overall wellbeing and quality of life. Maintaining this new state and keeping the weight off can be really challenging.

We believe this journey is unique and personal for each person and therefore we feel a multidimensional approach will produce the best results.

Our team consists of doctors, a dietician, a psychologist and a personal trainer and through a combination of face to face, telephone and virtual platforms we aim to give you the best advice, tips and support to help you achieve your weight lose goals.

The medication we use for the weight loss is a daily injectable medication called Saxenda, which is an appetite supressant. Studies have shown 5% weight loss in 4 months and 10% weight loss over a year.

More information about Saxenda


Cost of the Programme:

The programme starts from £425 a month for four months and includes:

For an addtional £150 a month, you will have blood tests at the start of the programme, access to a dietician to help review your diet, a psychologist to examine your relationship with food and a personal trainer.


For a free, no obligation consultation with our doctors, please complete your details and requirements on this link: 

Weight Management Programme Questionnaire


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