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We had a great experience with Dr Sattar. He saw my daughter with just 1.5hours notice and gave me the correct advice to proceed with antibiotics for my poorly daughter. I would recommend this service and will certainly be using it again when necessary.
Jeff Shear
a first class consultation with excellent communication of the issue - just like GP's used to be
Jessica Sutcliffe
Quick and efficient service, very accommodating and the consulting room/waiting area is very well presented and welcoming, would definitely use this service again
Jessie Mckay
Fantastic caring doctor and service.
Elaine Driscoll
I am very impressed with Avicenna Health. My first encounter was 23rd December when I had very little hope of seeing a doctor and I was able to get a consultation and medication before Christmas, I have used them since as has my partner and I remain impressed with responsiveness and quality of advice. I have recommended to friends and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Just before the pandemic, I approached Avicenna through google search, for specialised and dedicated GP help manage all areas of illnesses for my vulnerable elderly parents. Dr Sattar, Dr Mohsin and the team remained consistent with their care, very efficient, always prompt, well focussed, professional, extremely knowledgeable on all health issues and they go out of their way each time! God directed me to turn to Avicenna last week for my elderly dad who has been suffering from viral infection. Dr Sattar quickly arranged the home visit, thoroughly followed up his diagnosis, and with his expert medical advice my elderly dad is already feeling better. An absolute relief from hospitalisation. I wish everyone at Avicenna Health the very best of success as you all deserve it! Thankyou for your continuous excellent care , support and service.
Andrea Zemmel
Terry Watts
We have used Avicenna Health several times as they provide an excellent and very professional service. We would not hesitate to recommend them.
Christine Wood
Very good service
Caroline Thorbeck
Very impressed with the expendiency, professionalism and kindness of the doctor. Both my dad and I are unable to go to the doctor, so having the option of calling Avicenna was a life saver.

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health (OH) is a branch of medical services which contributes to the effective health management of workers and is a vital constituent of an overall workplace risk management process known as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).


Why do I need Occupational Health?

Organisations have a legal and ethical duty to protect their employees’ health at work. OH supports both the employer and the employee in an impartial manner which promotes an organisation’s health and performance, in other words, the more you look after your employee, the more you get out of them!


What are the benefits of Occupational Health?


Statutory compliance

Depending on the industry, you may need to implement health surveillance programmes to remain legally compliant. For example construction, manufacturing, forklift drivers and those who work at heights to name but a few.


Reduce sickness absence

The quicker employees are provided with OH the quicker they recover and the less likely they are to take further sick leave.


Prevent sickness absence

Utilising screening packages for early detection to prevent ill health before it becomes and issue, or promoting staff retention by providing lifestyle and wellbeing resources to employees.



All of these points ultimately lead to reduced costs and safeguarding of an organisation’s economical goals. Sickness absence for example costs UK businesses £28.2 billion/year and typically equates to £554/ employee. Work related illnesses cost the UK over £9 billion/year at an average £17,600/case.


What type of occupational services do you offer?

We specialise in the following OH services:

  1. Pre-employment questionnaires
  2. Sickness absence management
  3. Health screening and monitoring
  4. Risk assessments
  5. Workplace immunisations
  6. Lifestyle and wellbeing support


How much do OH services costs?

Unfortunately there is no straightforward pricing plan as the cost of each service is highly dependent on the organisation’s specific needs. For larger organisations we usually recommend an initial consultation to determine these requirements, and for the smaller enterprises a discovery call is usually sufficient.


How do I find out more?

Use the contact us function below to drop us a message. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

Why Avicenna?

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Access to a network of diagnostic and treatment facilities


*Avicenna+ member appointments are available weekday 9am - 5pm & Sat 9am - 12pm only. 

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