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Covid Antibody Testing

The approved 'Abbotts Antibody Test'. Our phlebotomist visits you at home to take your sample

The Covid-19 Antibody test in the comfort of your own home or office:

  • Using the highly accurate Abbott test
  • Our phlebotomist visits you in your home or office to take your blood 
  • Results available within 24 hours!
  • Discounts for multiple tests in the same household - price from £79
  • Larger discounts for businesses with prices from £49 per test
  • For further information and detail of the test and it's accuracy, click on the link below:



1 to 6 tests:         1st test £99; 2nd test £89; 3rd & subsequent tests £79 *1

7 to 12 tests:        £69 per test  *2

13 to 20 tests:      £59 per test  *2

20 plus tests:         £49 per test *2

*1 prices apply to those tests undertaken in the same household, at the same time

*2 an additional one-off cost for the phlebotomist to travel to your work or home applies - around £30 to £50 depending on the distance of your home or office


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Covid-19 Antibody Testing 

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